black masterbatch for sheathed products

26D(or 26DH)

This product adopts special polyethylene resin as the carrier, combined with the high quality carbon black, by the advanced large mixer production. In the same products with fewer low molecular substances, carbon black content in the stable, high dispersion and good characteristics of uv shielding performance, at the same time with excellent comprehensive performance.

Method of use

Directly with the raw materials for resin used after mixing.


Suitable for PE, PP, ABS and other polyolefin materials production of various types of cable materials, engineering plastics and other modified material and squeeze molding products, etc

Technical Parameters


 3.5mm Round pie

Carbon black content:


Moisture content:


Heat resistance:


Bulk density:




Fines content:





Suggest to add 1-7%, but must be depending on the specific product requirements and raw materials formula.


A 25 kg/paper-plastic bag packaging; Please store in a dry place, under normal temperature do not insolate, rain.



The above data is not being used as a specific technical rules for reference only. For a better selection and the actual production cost savings, please be customized according to the actual needs or appropriate masterbatch products, For further details, please call us.